Nicotine salts have already been all the rage lately, and for a good reason! They supply a much more satisfying vaping practical experience than conventional e-water. Nonetheless, with so many diverse smoking sea salt alternatives out there, it could be tough to know what type meets your needs. Within this article, we are going to go over the different kinds of vape pens and enable you to find the ideal one for the vaping needs!

Different kinds of nicotine salts

There are some several types of cigarette smoking salts that you can pick from. The sort of pure nicotine salt which you select will depend on what you are looking for?

Nicotine salts come in two primary varieties:

●Freebase pure nicotine sea salt – Freebase smoking is the most everyday sort of pure nicotine sea salt. It will be the most natural type of pure nicotine and is also the particular pure nicotine that is typically used in classic e-fluids. Freebase nicotine includes a greater pH stage, that make it harsher on your own throat.

●Protonated cigarette smoking sea salt- Protonated pure nicotine sea salt is actually a modern form of smoking salt that has a lower pH stage than freebase smoking. This makes it smoother on your tonsils and much easier to vape. Protonated pure nicotine salt can also be a lot more stable, which implies it will go longer inside your e-water.

What sort of nicotine sodium is right for you?

The particular pure nicotine sea salt that you choose is determined by your own tastes and vaping demands. If you are looking for the far more intensive cigarette smoking hit, then freebase pure nicotine salt is the way to go. If you are searching to get a softer vape with less of a neck strike, then protonated pure nicotine salt is definitely the better option.

No matter which form of smoking salt you select, make certain you go with a trustworthy company which uses high-high quality ingredients. This will likely ensure that you have a rewarding and risk-free vaping expertise.


Choosing the perfect smoking salt to your vaping needs is vital to guarantee a gratifying and risk-free vaping encounter. Several types of smoking salts supply different rewards, so ensure that you pick one that is best suited for your preferences and needs.

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