One of the most essential instruments in almost any cell phone restoration technician’s strategy is the heat gun. Heat pistols are utilized to take away adhesives, soften plastics, and take away dampness from factors. There are a variety of numerous heat pistols out there, each and every having its very own group of advantages and disadvantages.

The most common kind of heat gun may be the hot glue guns. These firearms make use of a heating system element to create an aura stream that may be popular sufficient to burn adhesives and soften plastics. The air source is guided by way of a nozzle, that allows the tech to regulate the amount of heat and air flow.

Another type of hot glue guns will be the infrared gun. These guns use infrared rays to heat physical objects. This sort of gun is fantastic for eliminating humidity from factors, since it will not make any sparks or fire.

The very last form of heat gun is definitely the laser gun. These weapons use a laser beam beam to heat items. Laserlight pistols are fantastic for accuracy and precision job, since they may be used to heat specific areas without damaging around regions.

Every type of heat gun features its own list of benefits and drawbacks. Hot air guns would be the most versatile form of gun, as they can be used as a variety of apps. Nonetheless, they may be dangerous if not used correctly, because they can lead to burns and injuries. Infra-red guns are safe for use and never produce any sets off or flames, however are less versatile as hot air guns. Laser light firearms are the most accurate type of gun, however are also the most costly.


Heat pistols are a necessary resource for any mobile phone repair technician. They are utilised to get rid of adhesives, soften plastic materials, and remove dampness from components. There are a variety of various kinds of heat firearms available on the market, every with its very own list of advantages and drawbacks.

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